Faster, more accurate claims settlement

Claims Adjusters and Roofers can now get fast, accurate data to optimize underwriting, reduce cost per claim, and settle claims faster. 
Contact us now to learn how to settle 3X more claims per day while reducing overall costs.

Automated aerial intelligence platform

Dramatically decreases claim cycle times, with less time spent on site, no need for ladder assists, and same-day reporting built in.

Data driven workflow

  • No joystick or piloting experience necessary.
  • Generate a simple mission plan using the included iPad, then the drone flies itself.
  • The captured data is automatically transmitted to the iPad and then to the Kespry Cloud.
  • High-resolution imagery is instantly available for inspection in the field and is converted into 2D and 3D maps and models. 

Accurate and intelligent automated results

Save hours of time conducting visual inspections, helps to standardize inspection methods, and reduces the potential for subjective biases.

Kespry Drone data delivers high-resolution imagery with 1mm resolution - powerful enough to detect granule loss and physical damage.

Customized maps are quickly produced for the entire roof and automated dimension reports are immediately available for high accuracy measurements.  

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