Drone Earthworks Planning, Bidding & Project Management 


Kespry introduced a new EARTHWORK TOOLSET empowering construction engineering companies to plan, bid, and manage earthwork projects using aerial intelligence.

Register to watch the webinar recording and listen to Fred Smith Construction and John Deere discuss how Kespry’s aerial intelligence solution is now part of their daily operations.

Topics include:

  • Project bidding - verify earthwork quantities for proposed grading and drainage projects

  • Grade management - quickly perform cut and fill analysis for progress tracking

  • Site planning - safely map and calculate grades, elevations and volumes

"Aerial intelligence is changing how large scale construction projects are done. Kespry is delivering the analysis, insight and tools that project managers need to ensure their earthworks projects are completed on time, as cost efficiently as possible and more safely than ever before.” -Andrew Kahler, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere Worksight

  Watch the Webinar Recording